Authors Arzash, S. ; Shivers, J. ; Licup, A. J. ; Sharma, A. ; MacKintosh, F. C.
Title Stress-stabilized subisostatic fiber networks in a ropelike limit
Date 13.05.2019
Number 56590
Abstract The mechanics of disordered fibrous networks such as those that make up the extracellular matrix are strongly dependent on the local connectivity or coordination number. For biopolymer networks this coordination number is typically between 3 and 4. Such networks are sub-isostatic and linearly unstable to deformation with only central force interactions, but exhibit a mechanical phase transition between floppy and rigid states under strain. The introduction of weak bending interactions stabilizes these networks and suppresses the critical signatures of this transition. We show that applying external stress can also stabilize subisostatic networks with only tensile central force interactions, i.e., a ropelike potential. Moreover, we find that the linear shear modulus shows a power-law scaling with the external normal stress, with a non-mean-field exponent. For networks with finite bending rigidity, we find that the critical stain shifts to lower values under prestress.
Publisher Physical Review E
Citation Physical Review E 99 (2019) ID 042412

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