Authors Huang, Y. ; Gohs, U. ; Müller, M. T. ; Zschech, C. ; Wießner, S.
Title Electron beam treatment of polylactide at elevated temperature in nitrogen atmosphere
Date 01.06.2019
Number 56168
Abstract Different irradiation temperatures (25, 80 and 170·°C) have been used to investigate the temperature dependence of electron beam (EB) induced cross-linking and degradation behavior of neat polylactide (PLA) without the use of any cross-linking agents. Free radicals were generated and the competing chain scission and cross-linking reactions were initiated when the PLA material was exposed by the EB treatment. The sol gel analysis showed that no gel occurred for an EB treatment at room temperature, whereas the maximum gel content (33%) appeared for the PLA modified at 80·°C with 200·kGy. The molar mass of control and EB modified PLA samples were studied by size exclusion chromatography (SEC). The results demonstrated that the weight average molar mass (Mw) decreased dramatically for EB treatments at 25·°C with increasing dose. In contrast, a significant enhancement of Mw was found for PLA after the EB treatment at 80 and 170·°C. In comparison to the EB treatment at 25·°C, the rheological analysis indicated a remarkably improved elasticity behavior of modified PLA, higher absolute values of complex viscosity and higher storage modulus at low frequencies for EB treatments at elevated temperature.
Publisher Radiation Physics and Chemistry
Citation Radiation Physics and Chemistry 159 (2019) 166-173

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