Authors Mayer, M. ; Schnepf, M. J. ; König, T. ; Fery, A.
Title Colloidal self-assembly concepts for plasmonic metasurfaces
Date 17.09.2018
Number 55384
Abstract Metallic nanostructures exhibit strong interactions with electromagnetic radiation, known as the localized surface plasmon resonance. In recent years, there is significant interest and growth in the area of coupled metallic nanostructures. In such assemblies, short– and long–range coupling effects can be tailored and emergent properties, e.g., metamaterial effects, can be realized. The term “plasmonic metasurfaces” is used for this novel class of assemblies deposited on planar surfaces. Herein, the focus is on plasmonic metasurfaces formed from colloidal particles. These are formed by self–assembly and can meet the demands of low–cost manufacturing of large–area, flexible, and ultrathin devices. The advances in high optical quality of the colloidal building blocks and methods for controlling their self–assembly on surfaces will lead to novel functional devices for dynamic light modulators, pulse sharpening, subwavelength imaging, sensing, and quantum devices. This progress report focuses on predicting optical properties of single colloidal building blocks and their assemblies, wet–chemical synthesis, and directed self–assembly of colloidal particles. The report concludes with a discussion of the perspectives toward expanding the colloidal plasmonic metasurfaces concept by integrating them with quantum emitters (gain materials) or mechanically responsive structures.
Publisher Advanced Optical Materials
Citation Advanced Optical Materials 6 (2018) ID1800564

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