Authors Nagel, J. ; Zimmermann, P. ; Schwarz, S. ; Schlenstedt, K.
Title Selective grafting of polyamines to polyether ether ketone surface during molding and its use for chemical plating
Date 22.09.2018
Number 55382
Abstract We present a new approach of surface functionalization of polyether ether ketone (PEEK) that is carried out during the molding step. Thin films of polymers with different functional groups were applied to the surface of a mold and brought in close contact with a PEEK melt during injection molding. The surfaces of the produced parts were characterized after solidification. Only those PEEK surfaces that were in contact with polymers bearing primary amino groups exhibited a wettability for water. Obviously, the thin polymer film was grafted to the surface by a chemical reaction initiated by the high melt temperature. The formation of azomethine bonds between PEEK and the polyamine by coupling to the ketone groups was proposed. The other amino groups in the molecule were still in function after the molding process. They adsorbed different anionic molecules and anionic charged nanoparticles from aqueous solutions. The surfaces could be chemically plated by copper and nickel with high adhesion.
Publisher Coatings [MDPI]
Citation Coatings [MDPI] 8 (2018) ID333
Tags polyether ether ketone (peek) adhesion surface modification injection molding plating hydrogel layers

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