Authors Salaeh, S. ; Cassagnau, P. ; Boiteux, G. ; Wießner, S. ; Nakason, C.
Title Thermoplastic vulcanizates based on poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Epoxidized natural rubber blends: Effects of phenolic resin dosage and blend ratio
Date 01.11.2018
Number 55193
Abstract Epoxidized natural rubber with 50·mol% epoxide groups (ENR50) was used as a blend component in the poly (vinylidene fluoride)/epoxidized natural rubber (PVDF/ENR50) blends. The PVDF/ENR50 blends were dynamically cross-linked with phenolic resin in varying amounts from 0 to 11·phr. It was found that 5·phr phenolic resin was optimal for superior mechanical properties of the PVDF/ENR50 blends. Dynamically cured PVDF/ENR50 blends with various blend ratios were investigated. The tensile strength and tension set decreased whereas elongation at break increased with ENR50 content in the dynamically cured PVDF/ENR50 blend. Furthermore, dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) revealed a shift in the glass transition temperatures of blend components, and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) revealed nucleation of PVDF crystallization by the rubber particles in the PVDF/ENR50 TPV, indicating molecular interactions between ENR50 and PVDF phases.
Publisher Materials Chemistry and Physics
Citation Materials Chemistry and Physics 219 (2018) 222-232
Tags epoxidized natural rubber poly(vinylidene fluoride) thermoplastic vulcanizate thermoplastic elastomer morphology

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