Authors Chang, B. ; Schneider, K. ; Kühnert, I. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Cavitation behavior of semi-crystalline polymers during uniaxial stretching studied by synchrotron small angle X-ray scattering
Small Angle Scattering and Diffraction, Margareth Kazuyo Kobayashi Dias Franco, ed.
Date 31.12.2018
Number 54421
Abstract Cavitation appears in many semi-crystalline polymers when they are subjected to uniaxial stretching above their glass transition temperatures. Generally, the formation of voids is influenced by the morphology of semi-crystalline polymers, including their lamellae thickness, lamellae orientation, as well as the arrangement of the amorphous phase. Upon stretching, the size of the voids changes as a function of the local strain. Synchrotron small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) can be used as a powerful method to in-situ monitor the evolution of voids with high time and spatial resolution. In this chapter, recent reports about the cavitation behavior of semi-crystalline polymers studied by SAXS are reviewed. Afterwards, the theoretical background related to the SAXS technique is introduced. Lastly, some exemplary results about the cavitation behavior of microinjection-molded isotactic-polypropylene, studied by synchrotron SAXS measurements, are presented.<br /><br />Small Angle Scattering and Diffraction<br />ISBN 978-953-51-6082-3
Publisher IntechOpen
Citation IntechOpen (2018) Chapter 2, 19 Seiten

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