Authors Mateyisi, M. J. ; Sommer, J.-U. ; Müller-Nedebock, K. K. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Influence of weak reversible cross-linkers on entangled polymer melt dynamics
Date 22.06.2018
Number 54206
Abstract In this paper, we study a system of entangled chains that bear reversible cross-links in a melt state. The cross-links are tethered uniformly on the backbone of each chain. A slip-link type model for the system is presented and solved for the relaxation modulus. The effects of entanglements and reversible cross-linkers are modelled as a discrete form of constraints that influence the motion of the primitive path. In contrast to a non-associating entangled system, the model calculations demonstrate that the elastic modulus has a much higher first plateau and a delayed terminal relaxation. These effects are attributed to the evolution of the entangled chains, as influenced by tethered reversible linkers. The model is solved for the case when the linker survival time ts is greater than the entanglement time te, but less than the Rouse time tR.
Publisher Journal of Chemical Physics
Citation Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (2018) ID244901

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