Authors Bott, M. C. ; Brader, J. M. ; Wittmann, R. ; Winterhalter, F. ; Marechal, M. ; Sharma, A.
Title Isotropic-nematic transition of self-propelled rods in three dimensions
Date 28.07.2018
Number 54187
Abstract Using overdamped Brownian dynamics simulations we investigate the isotropic-nematic (IN) transition of self-propelled rods in three spatial dimensions. For two well-known model systems (Gay-Berne potential and hard spherocylinders) we find that turning on activity moves to higher densities the phase boundary separating an isotropic phase from a (nonpolar) nematic phase. This active IN phase boundary is distinct from the boundary between isotropic and polar-cluster states previously reported in two-dimensional simulation studies and, unlike the latter, is not sensitive to the system size. We thus identify a generic feature of anisotropic active particles in three dimensions.
Publisher Physical Review E
Citation Physical Review E 98 (2018) ID012601

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