Authors Wang, J. J. ; Xie, J. X. ; Zong, C. Y. ; Han, X. ; Zhao, J. X. ; Jiang, S. C. ; Cao, Y. P. ; Fery, A. ; Lu, C. H.
Title Light-modulated surface micropatterns with multifunctional surface properties on photodegradable polymer films
Date 05.10.2017
Number 54006
Abstract Photodegradable polymers constitute an emerging class of materials that are expected to possess advances in the areas of micro/nano- and biotechnology. Herein, we report a green and effective strategy to fabricate light-responsive surface micropatterns by taking advantage of photodegradation chemistry. Thanks to the molecular chain breakage during the photolysis process, the stress field of photodegradable polymer-based wrinkling systems undergoes continuous disturbance, leading to the release/reorganization of the internal stress. Revealed by systematic experiments, the light-induced stress release mechanism enables the dynamic adaption of not only thermal-induced labyrinth wrinkles, but uniaxially oriented wrinkle microstructures induced by mechanical straining. This method paves the way for their diverse applications, for example, in optical information display and storage, and the smart fabrication of multifunctional surfaces as demonstrated here.
Publisher ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Citation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 37402-37410
Tags dynamic pattern multifunctional surface photodegradation stress release surface wrinkling

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