Authors Yan, L. ; Chao, M. ; Xiao, J. ; Gao, L. ; Wießner, S.
Title Study on preparation of BaSO4-containing polytetrafluoroethylene granular powder
Date 02.11.2017
Number 53941
Abstract The aim of this study was to prepare BaSO4-containing polytetrafluoroethylene granular powder by a two-phase emulsion dispersion method. The granulating process was conducted with stirring in an aqueous medium containing a specific surfactant without a uniform granulator or apparatus. And also we studied the role of surfactant, granulating time in the particle size, and particle size distribution. The properties of granular powder were studied through various methods such as flowability test, bulk density test, average particle size, and particle size distribution test. The shape of particles in the granular powder was studied by a hot stage polarizing optical microscope. The obtained granular powder showed large bulk density, small average particle size, narrow particle size distribution, and superior powder flowability.
Publisher Advances in Polymer Technology
Citation Advances in Polymer Technology 36 (2017) 418-423

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