Authors Zhou, Z. ; Sun, N. ; Möhwald, H. ; Gu, P. ; Wang, L. ; Zhang, W. ; König, T. ; Fery, A. ; Zhang, G.
Title Broad-range electrically tunable plasmonic resonances of a multilayer coaxial nanohole array with an electroactive polymer wrapper
Date 11.10.2017
Number 53922
Abstract Plasmonic assemblies featuring high sensitivity that can be readily shifted by external fields are the key for sensitive and versatile sensing devices. In this paper, a novel fast-responsive plasmonic nanocomposite composed of a multilayer nanohole array and a responsive electrochromic polymer is proposed with the plasmonic mode appearance vigorously cycled upon orthogonal electrical stimuli. In this nanocomposite, the coaxially stacked plasmonic nanohole arrays can induce multiple intense Fano resonances, which result from the crosstalk between a broad surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and the designed discrete transmission peaks with ultrahigh sensitivity; the polymer wrapper could provide the sensitive nanohole array with real-time-varied surroundings of refractive indices upon electrical stimuli. Therefore, a pronounced pure electroplasmonic shift up to 72 nm is obtained, which is the largest pure electrotuning SPR range to our knowledge. The stacked nanohole arrays here are also directly used as a working electrode, and they ensure sufficient contact between the working electrode (plasmonic structure) and the electroactive polymer, thus providing considerably improved response speed (within 1 s) for real-time sensing and switching.
Publisher ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Citation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 35244-35252
Tags electrochromic polymer fano resonance nanohole array surface plasmon tunable plasmonic behavior fano resonance wave-guide nanoparticles nanocavities nanostructures generation crystals behavior platform devices

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