Authors Zimmerer, C. ; Ziegler, L. ; Heinrich, G. ; Steiner, G.
Title Time resolved characterization of the solid-state reaction between polycarbonate and primary amine
Date 01.01.2018
Number 53625
Abstract Polycarbonate can be functionalized with specific moieties such as amino groups. A novel approach for functionalization is based on a process integrated surface modification, e.g. during the injection molding process. However, the solid-state reaction routes are complex, not well investigated and difficult to control. In this study the solid state reaction of polycarbonate with octadecylamine was studied by using infrared spectroscopy and 2D correlation analysis. The infrared spectrum taken after 20·min reaction time shows the formation of urethane as an interfacial linker between polycarbonate and octadecylamine. Furthermore, bisphenol-A, also formed initially, indicates a degradation of polycarbonate. The solid-state reaction during 360·min processing time was investigated by 2D correlation analysis. The 2D correlation maps indicate a progress in the degradation of polycarbonate and the formation of biuret and urea. No more urethane is formed during longer processing time. This study demonstrates that a surface modification of polycarbonate with octadecylamine requires a very short reaction time in order to ensure an optimized interfacial link and to minimize the degradation of the materials.
Publisher European Polymer Journal
Citation European Polymer Journal 98 (2018) 313-320
Tags polycarbonate octadecylamine solid-state reaction interface ir spectroscopy time-resolved 2d correlation analysis

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