Authors Garishin, O. K. ; Shadrin, V. V. ; Sviskov, A.L. ; Sokolov, A. P. ; Stöckelhuber, K.W.
Title Visco-elastic-plastic properties of natural rubber filled with carbon black and layered clay nanoparticles. Experiment and simulation
Date 03.08.2017
Number 53624
Abstract Carbon black and silica (SiO2) are the most common used reinforcing agents in natural and synthetic rubbers. The incorporation of these fillers into elastomers significantly improve their mechanical characteristics, especially the strength and stress-strain<br />behavior of the material. These effects have been extensively examined [1-4], yet further progress in this area requires a continuous search for new unconventional fillers [5-8]. One promising direction is the use of clay minerals [9-7]. This allows to vary the shape and size of the filler particles in a natural way depending on the task and according to the peculiar structure of these particles (e.g., dispersion of montmorillonite, palygorskite and shungite clays produces ultra-thin plates, needles and globules,respectively).
Publisher Polymer Testing
Citation Polymer Testing 63 (2017) 133-140

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