Authors Freitag, A. ; Stamm, M. ; Ionov, L.
Title Separator for lithium-sulfur battery based on polymer blend membrane
Date 30.09.2017
Number 52965
Abstract In this work we report a novel way of reducing the polysulfide shuttle in lithium-sulfur batteries by a new separator material. Polyvinylsulfate potassium salt (PVSK) as polymeric additive is introduced into a polyvinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene (PVdF-HFP) matrix membrane to improve the battery performance. PVSK is expected to lower the polysulfide mobility due to interaction with the sulfonic group. PVdF-HFP/PVSK blend membranes are prepared and an UV/Vis polysulfide diffusion test clearly demonstrates the positive effect of PVSK. Electrochemical testing reveals a significant improvement of cycling stability up to more than 200 cycles. In addition, the effect of separator porosity to the polysulfide shuttle is investigated with PVdF-HFP membranes of different porosity. A simple polysulfide diffusion test and potentiostatic charge/discharge cycling clearly demonstrate that low separator porosity is favorable in a lithium-sulfur cell.
Publisher Journal of Power Sources
Citation Journal of Power Sources 363 (2017) 384-391
Tags blend membrane lithium sulfur battery separator porosity polysulfides

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