Authors Shakun, A. ; Poikelispaa, M. ; Das, A. ; Vuorinen, J.
Title Improved electromechanical response in acrylic rubber by different carbon-based fillers
Date 12.03.2018
Number 52940
Abstract Dielectric elastomers are materials often utilized for the fabrication of electroactive actuators. Acrylic rubber (ACM) is very widely used in dielectric elastomer actuators (DEAs). However, its overall good performance is limited by the high operating electric field required. In the present work, we compare the effect of different types of conventionally used carbon black (CB) as well as other carbon–based fillers on the dielectric and actuation properties of ACM in order to show that performance of DEAs can be improved by the development of ACM composites. Indeed, addition of CB, carbon nanotubes (CNTs), and synthetic graphite leads to an increase in the relative dielectric permittivity of elastomeric material. Moreover, incorporation of nanodiamonds results in reduction of dielectric losses. Finally, actuation stress is remarkably improved by CNTs and different grades of CB. POLYM. ENG. SCI., 58:395–404, 2018. © 2017 Society of Plastics Engineers
Publisher Polymer Engineering and Science
Citation Polymer Engineering and Science 58 (2018) 395-404

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