Authors Das, A. ; Le, Hai Hong ; Vuorinen, J. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Comment on "Monitoring Network and Interfacial Healing Processes by Broadband Dielectric Spectroscopy: A Case Study on Natural rubber"
Date 30.01.2017
Number 52882
Abstract In a recent paper Hernández et al. claimed to have explored a self-healing behavior of (covalently crosslinked) natural rubber by mechanical and broadband dielectric spectroscopic studies 1. The authors demonstrated a dielectric relaxation study to understand the heterogeneous network structures at the healed interface that was established during the healing process of a rather weakly sulphur crosslinked rubber sample. We have no doubts that the study itself gives interesting insights, however we are convinced (and will argue in more detail below) that interpretations toward a ‘self-healing’ nature of natural rubber should be handled with care and is even wrong in this case. Several critical issues like the tackiness of natural rubber, sample fabrication for dielectric experiments etc. will be discussed in this comment.
Publisher ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Citation ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (2017) 14547-14551

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