Authors Cherif, C. ; Hickmann, R. ; Nocke, A. ; Schäfer, M. ; Röbenack, K. ; Wießner, S. ; Gerlach, G.
Title Development and testing of controlled adaptive fiber-reinforced elastomer composites
Date 20.02.2017
Number 52781
Abstract The integration of shape memory alloys (SMAs) into textile-reinforced composites produces a class of smart materials whose shape can be actively influenced. In this paper, Ni-Ti SMA wires are inserted during the weaving of a glass fiber reinforcement textile. This "active" reinforcement is then combined with an elastomeric matrix to produce a highly flexible composite sheet, which maintains high rigidity in the longitudinal direction. By activating the SMAs, high deflection ratios of up to 35% (relative to the components length) are achieved. To adjust the composites deflection to defined values, a closed-loop control is set up to adjust the current flow through the SMA wires. A control algorithm is designed and evaluated for several test cases. The high deformability and the controllable behavior show the high potential of these materials for applications such as aerodynamic flow control, automation and architecture.
Publisher Textile Research Journal
Citation Textile Research Journal Online first (2017) 9 Seiten

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