Authors Stöckelhuber, K.W. ; Wießner, S. ; Das, A. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Filler flocculation in polymers - a simplified model derived from thermodynamics and game theory
Date 03.04.2017
Number 52533
Abstract The performance of elastomeric materials, i.e. in car tires, is substantially determined by the used reinforcing filler system. Especially, the flocculation tendency of filler particles to form clusters and even network-like structures is significantly determining the mechanical properties of these elastomer materials and enhances especially their energy dissipation under periodic mechanical deformations. In a simplified thermodynamic model, inspired by a segregation model from game theory, we describe fundamental mechanisms of filler structures formation. As final goal of this paper we want to demonstrate how similar structures in society, nature or materials like rubbers emerge when supposing obvious cardinal mechanisms of structure formation in complex systems.
Publisher Soft Matter
Citation Soft Matter 13 (2017) 3701-3709

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