Authors Demydova, K. ; Horechyy, A. ; Yevchuk, I. ; Demchyna, O.
Title The influence of the hydrophobic component content on the properties of hybrid polymer-inorganic membranes
Date 16.05.2018
Number 52527
Abstract Hybrid polymer-inorganic membranes with varied composition of polymeric matrix were synthesized by UV-curing of a mixture of acrylic monomers with simultaneous formation of inorganic network via sol-gel reaction of tetraethoxysilane. Composition of polymeric counterpart was varied by changing the ratio of hydrophilic and hydrophobic monomers, whereas the content of inorganic counterpart was maintained constant. Morphology, thermal behavior and water uptake of membranes were investigated.
Publisher Chemistry & Chemical Technology
Citation Chemistry & Chemical Technology 12 (2018) 58-63
Tags polymer-inorganic membrane uv-curing sol-gel process acrylate tetraethoxysilane

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