Authors Cherif, C. ; Hickmann, R. ; Nocke, A. ; Fleischhauer, R. ; Kaliske, M. ; Wießner, S.
Title Simulation-based development of adaptive fiber-elastomer composites with embedded shape memory alloys
Date 01.07.2018
Number 52525
Abstract Fiber-reinforced composites are currently being used in a wide range of lightweight constructions. Function integration, in particular, offers possibilities to develop new, innovative products for a variety of applications. The large amount of experimental testing required to investigate these novel material combinations often hinders their use in industrial applications. This paper presents an approach that allows the layout of adaptive, fiber-reinforced composites by the use of numerical simulation. In order to model the adaptive characteristics of this functional composite with textile-integrated shape memory alloys, a thermo-elastic simulation is considered by using the Finite Element method. For the numerical simulation, the parameters of the raw materials are identified and used to generate the model. The results of this simulation are validated through deflection measurements with a specimen consisting of a glass fiber fabric with structurally integrated shape memory alloys and an elastomeric matrix system. The achieved experimental and numerical results demonstrate the promising potential of adaptive, fiber-reinforced composites with large deformation capabilities.
Publisher Journal of Industrial Textiles
Citation Journal of Industrial Textiles 48 (2018) 322-332

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