Authors Bräuer, M. ; Kühnert, I. ; Schneider, K. ; Tuschla, M.
Title Optimisation of the production of hard-soft composites - New composites with polycarbonate and polyehtersulfone as hard composnents
Date 28.11.2016
Abstract <br />The paper presents investigations about the production and testing of hard-soft multi-component composites with amorphous polycarbonate or polyethersulfone as hard component and flexible low modulus polyurethane as soft component. Polyethersulfone-polyurethane composites have not been reported so far. The composites were produced by injection and compression moulding. Peel tests (90°) were carried out to quantitatively characterize the bond strength and an apparent energy release rate was calculated based on the results of the analysis of the peel forces.
Journal Thermoplastic elastomers : TPE magazine international (2016) 246-253

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