Authors Friess, K. ; Sagidullin, A ; Meier-Haack, J. ; Scheler, U.
Title Polymer chain mobility in polyelectrolyte multilayers
Date 01.09.2017
Number 52203
Abstract Free-standing polyelectrolyte multilayer membranes have been formed by the layer-by-layer technique using a dip-coating apparatus. The polymer-chain mobility has been studied by 1H relaxation in the rotating frame T1rho NMR with 13C chemical shift resolution. For each of the individual polymers a single relaxation component has been observed for all resolved signals. In the multilayer a significantly different relaxation time T1rho has been observed with a minor second component. The interaction between the oppositely charged polyelectrolytes influences the molecular mobility.
Publisher Polymer Science Series C
Citation Polymer Science Series C 59 (2017) 108-111

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