Authors Basu, D. ; Das, A. ; Stöckelhuber, K.W. ; Wießner, S.
Title Nanostructured ionomeric elastomers
Date 17.08.2016
Number 50902
Abstract Driven by the desire to find an alternative way of vulcanizing elastomers without sulfur, researchers have widely explored ionic crosslinking techniques. The opportunity was taken to play with the functionality of the host polymer and its modification process to develop nanostructured ionic elastomers. Neutralization of polar elastomers by various divalent metal cations has been the route most employed for fabrication of this class of material. Ionic association or aggregation on the molecular level results in microphase separation of certain regions and, hence, enables easier processing. Thermally labile ionic domains introduced into the network make the entire material thermoresponsive and, therefore, it is possible to obtain reversible transition of dynamic mechanical properties. The unique network structure of these materials has led to outstanding physical properties that have not been achieved so far for conventional sulfidic networks. Consequently, many multifunctional and smart materials have been envisaged and designed using these systems. A detailed overview is provided on the various nanostructured ionic elastomers developed over the years. It would not be exaggerating to mention in the context of the discussion that nanostructured ionic elastomers will definitely open up new horizons in materials research.<br /><br />Part of the series Advances in Polymer Science
Publisher Advances in Polymer Science
Citation Advances in Polymer Science 275 (2016) 235-266
Tags elastomers ionic crosslinking self healing rubber

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