Authors Al Rahhal, S. ; Brünig, H. ; Gohs, U. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Melt spun matrix fibers of toughened polypropylene copolymers modified by gigh energy electrons
Date 20.10.2016
Number 50685
Abstract Binary blends of polypropylene (PP) and ethylene-octene copolymer (EOC) are prepared by continuous electron-induced reactive processing at various mass ratios of the blend components and various doses without adding of any grafting agents. The influence of mass ratio and dose is investigated in order to get the optimum processing behavior of toughened PP as well as optimum properties of resulting fibers. It is found that toughened PP with a PP/EOC blend ratio of 97.5–2.5  mass % can be used advantageously as a matrix component for the process of online spinning of glass fiber/toughened PP hybrid yarns. Such hybrid yarns belong to one of the most advanced production methods for the manufacturing of fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites with an increased mechanical performance. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J. Appl. Polym. Sci. 2016, 133, 44011.
Publisher Journal of Applied Polymer Science
Citation Journal of Applied Polymer Science 133 (2016) Art.-No: 44011
Tags blends composites fibers thermoplastics viscosity and viscoelasticity

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