Authors Makarova, M. ; Semenov, S. G. ; Guskova, O.
Title Computational study of structure, electronic, and microscopic charge transport properties of small conjugated diketopyrrolopyrrole-thiophene molecules
Date 15.10.2016
Number 49303
Abstract p-Conjugated small molecules containing diketopyrrolopyrrole (DPP) and thiophene moieties represent a modern class of functional materials that exhibit promising charge transport properties and therefore have great potential as building blocks of active elements of electronic devices. As a starting point of this computational study, the molecular structure, electronic characteristics, and reorganization energies associated with electron or hole transfer are considered. Prediction of molecular crystal packing is followed by the calculation of couplings between adjacent molecules and detection of the effective charge transfer pathways. Finally, the rates of charge transfer process are evaluated. The obtained results shed light not only on the properties of materials containing low-molecular species but also serve as a benchmark for further classical force-field simulations of DPP-based polymers.
Publisher International Journal of Quantum Chemistry
Citation International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 116 (2016) 1459-1466

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