Authors Zhang, J. ; Shih, T. ; Lu, Y. ; Merlitz, H. ; Chang, R.R.G. ; Chen, Z.
Title Non-synchronization of lattice and carrier temperatures in light-emitting diodes
Date 20.01.2016
Number 49202
Abstract Pulse implementation or switching-off (PISO) of electrical currents has become a common operation in junction-temperature (Tj) measurements for semiconductor devices since 2004. Here we have experimentally discovered a substantial discrepancy between Tj values with, and without, PISO (e.g., 36.8·°C versus 76.5·°C above the ambient temperature at 25.0·°C). Our research indicates that methods associated with PISO are flawed due to non-synchronization of lattice temperatures and carrier temperatures in transient states. To scrutinize this discrepancy, we propose a lattice-inertia thermal anchoring mechanism that (1) explains the cause of this discrepancy, (2) helps to develop a remedy to eliminate this discrepancy by identifying three transient phases, (3) has been applied to establishing an original, accurate, and noninvasive technique for light-emitting diodes to measure Tj in the absence of PISO. Our finding may pave the foundation for LED communities to further establish reliable junction-temperature measurements based on the identified mechanism.
Publisher Scientific Reports
Citation Scientific Reports 6 (2016) Article no. 19539

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