Authors Dey, S. ; Mukhopadhyay, T. ; Spickenheuer, A. ; Adhikari, R. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Bottom up surrogate based approach for stochastic frequency response analysis of laminated composite plates
Date 15.04.2016
Number 47903
Abstract This paper presents an efficient uncertainty quantification (UQ) scheme for frequency responses of laminated composite plates. A bottom up surrogate based approach is employed to quantify the variability in free vibration responses of composite cantilever plates due to uncertainty in ply orientation angle, elastic modulus and mass density. The finite element method is employed incorporating effects of transverse shear deformation based on Mindlin’s theory in conjunction with a random variable approach. Parametric studies are carried out to determine the stochastic frequency response functions (SFRF) along with stochastic natural frequencies and modeshapes. In this study, a surrogate based approach using General High Dimensional Model Representations (GHDMR) is employed for achieving computational efficiency in quantifying uncertainty. Subsequently the effect of noise is investigated in GHDMR based UQ algorithm. This paper also presents an uncertainty quantification scheme using commercial finite element software (ANSYS) and thereby comparative results of stochastic natural frequencies are furnished for UQ using GHDMR approach and ANSYS.
Publisher Composite Structures
Citation Composite Structures 140 (2016) 712-727
Tags uncertainty ghdmr composite plate frequency response function stochastic mode shape noise

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