Authors Mousa, A. ; Heinrich, G. ; Wagenknecht, U.
Title Wood-like material from thermoplastic polymer and landfill bio-materials: DMA, TGA and solvent resistance properties
Date 14.07.2015
Abstract The aim of this work is to explore the potential application of chemically modified olive husk residue (OHR) as naturally occurring fillers to reinforce (Nylon-12) thermoplastic to produce a cost-effective wood like material. The Nylon-12/OHR composite material was fabricated via melt mixing of the Nylon-12 followed by the addition of chemically treated OHR at 180 and 50 rev.min-1 using Brabender internal mixer. The composites were characterised with respect to their dynamic mechanical properties, namely storage and viscous moduli (E´, E´´), and mechanical loss factors (tan t) using dynamic mechanical analyser (DMA). The thermal stability of the samples with and without chemically treated OHR were examined using thermo-gravimetric analyser (TGA). The chemical resistance of the composites was evaluated by immersing the samples in acidic and basic media and by exposing the samples to thermo-oxidative ageing (TOA) at 80C for 72h. The influence of TOA and immersion medium on the percentage weight loss, impact strength and hardness of the composites were reported. The effect of TOA and the solvent attack on the microstructure of the fractured samples was viewed by scanning electron microscope (SEM). 18 Refs.
Journal Polymers from Renewable Resources 6 (2015) 25-42

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