Authors Gäbler, S. ; Heuer, H. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Measuring and imaging permittivity of insulators using high-frequency eddy-current devices
Date 01.08.2015
Number 46528
Abstract This paper shows that the high-frequency eddy-current (HFEC) measurement devices can be used not only for characterizing conductivity and magnetic permeability related properties of electrically conductive materials, but also for permittivity characterization of insulators. Maxwells equations, finite-element method simulations, and experimental research are applied to support this hypothesis. An industrial HFEC device is used to measure the change of dielectric properties during the curing process of the epoxy resin L20. The measurement results are in good agreement with the expected behavior of the parameters relative permittivity and tan d during cure. Using a capacitive reference device, similar characteristics regarding the change of the complex permittivity of the resin can be observed. In addition, HFEC imaging results on polymethyl methacrylate are presented, discussed, and compared with capacitive imaging. HFEC permittivity mapping benefits from a high spatial resolution with a sensitivity and penetration depth that is at least comparable with those of capacitive imaging technology.
Publisher IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement
Citation IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 64 (2015) 2227-2238

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