Authors Shagolsem, L. ; Kreer, T. ; Sommer, J.-U.
Title Shear-induced ordering in thin films of diblock copolymer melts
Date 06.11.2014
Number 45323
Abstract By means of molecular dynamics simulations we investigate the response of thin, symmetric diblock copolymer melts under shear in the limit of strong segregation with nonselective substrates, where vertically oriented lamellae form. Under small shear perpendicular to the lamellar orientation, we observe an inclination of the lamellar layers. At a critical shear rate, the lamellar layers become distorted and, for very large shear, recombine with a new orientation along the direction of shear. Our simulations are accompanied by a novel, easily understandable theoretical approach to predict the critical shear rate, at which the interfaces become distorted and shear-induced reorientation sets in. This allows one to calculate quantities such as the inclination angle or the pair interaction energy as a function of applied shear rate. Our results are relevant for many technical applications, where defect-free, long-range ordered structures are needed.
Publisher ACS Macro Letters
Citation ACS Macro Letters 3 (2014) 1201-1204

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