Authors Deng, Y. ; Liu, J. ; Mäder, E. ; Heinrich, G. ; Zhang, J. ; Gao, S.-L.
Title Water vapor sensing by carbon nanoparticle "skin"
Date 14.12.2015
Number 45084
Abstract An overlapping graphene nanoplatelet “skin” is fabricated on a single glass fiber surface, exhibiting multifunctional sensing capabilities for water vapor, relative humidity, liquid–solid phase transitions, and temperature. The “skin” sensor demonstrates capabilities for in-situ monitoring of human breathing frequency and liquid–solid phase transitions with a freezing point of traces of water on solid surfaces far below 0 °C.
Publisher Advanced Materials Interfaces
Citation Advanced Materials Interfaces 2 (2015) Art.No. 1500244
Tags liquid-solid phase transition solid surfaces multifunctional sensors sensors graphene nanoplatelet skin water vapor

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