Authors Zhang, J. ; Zhuang, R.-C. ; Liu, J. ; Scheffler, C. ; Mäder, E. ; Heinrich, G. ; Gao, S.-L.
Title A single glass fiber with ultrathin layer of carbon nanotube networks beneficial to in-situ monitoring of polymer properties in composite interphases
Date 26.11.2014
Number 44802
Abstract Electrophoretic deposition (EPD) is used to deposit multiwalled carbon nanotube networks (CNTs) onto electrically insulating glass fiber surfaces. We found that the thin networks on a single glass fiber surface exhibit semiconducting properties. This enables us to realize a single CNT-glass fiber as a probe with novel multifunctional capabilities for in-situ monitoring of various chemical/physical transitions, particularly in the interphase region between polymer and glass fiber. Because of the intimate interaction between CNTs and polymers in the vicinity of a glass fiber, our CNT probe can rapidly sense the local changes of fundamental polymer properties, such as glass transition, reaction activation energy, cross-linking reaction, and crystallization.
Publisher Soft Materials
Citation Soft Materials 12 (2014) S115-120
Tags chemical/physical sensor cnt probe cross-linking reaction crystallization glass transition temperature interphase

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