Authors Chervanyov, A. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Pragmatic approach to the evaluation of the polymer-mediated force and stability ratio of nano-fillers immersed in rubber materials
Date 24.11.2014
Abstract We used self-consistent field theory to derive the expression for the potential of the polymer-mediated forces acting between non adsorbing and weakly adsorbing nanoparticles in generic excluded volume polymer systems. By way of analyzing the physical structure of the obtained exact result for the polymer-mediated potential, we developed a pragmatic approach to evaluating this potential and associated filler flocculation stability ratio in dense rubber systems. The thus obtained theoretical approximation expresses the polymer-mediated potential acting between nanoparticles immersed in rubber through the relevant experimentally accessible quantities: filler immersion free energy, compressibility, and density correlation length of a rubber. By making use of the developed pragmatic approach, we have evaluated the polymer-mediated potential and the associated filler flocculation stability ratio for selected practically important filler and rubber materials.
Journal Soft Materials 12 (2014) S90-97

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