Authors Nedelcu, S. ; Sommer, J.-U.
Title Charge inversion effects in electrophoresis of polyelectrolytes in the presence of multivalent counterions and transversal electric fields
Date 31.12.2014
Number 44603
Abstract By molecular dynamics simulations we investigate the transport of charged polymers in confinement, under externally applied electric fields, in straight cylinders of uniform diameter and in the presence of monovalent or multivalent counterions. The applied electric field has two components; a longitudinal component along the axis of the cylinder and a transversal component perpendicular to the cylinder axis. The direction of electrophoretic velocity depends on the polyelectrolyte length, valency of the counterions present in solution and transversal electric field value. A statistical model is put forward in order to explain these observations.
Publisher Polymers [Open Access]
Citation Polymers [Open Access] 6 (2014) 2942-2960
Tags molecular dynamics polyelectrolytes confinement multivalent electric charges

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