Authors Dohmen, E. ; Boisly, M. ; Borin, D. ; Kästner, M. ; Ulbricht, V. ; Gude, M. ; Hufenbach, W. ; Heinrich, G. ; Odenbach, S.
Title Advancing towards polyurethane-based magnetorheological composites
Date 03.11.2014
Number 44602
Abstract When compared with other hybrid materials, magnetically active composites represent highly promising candidates for the solving of advanced engineering challenges by the remote-controlled adaption of their physical properties. The synergetic combination of substances with different magnetic and mechanical characteristics enables the manufacture of tailored magnetoactive elastic materials. This paper focuses on novel polyurethane-based magnetorheological composites. In particular, it presents a manufacturing process, the magnetomechanical properties of the developed composite and a theoretical prediction of the material's behavior.
Publisher Advanced Engineering Materials
Citation Advanced Engineering Materials 16 (2014) 1270-1275

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