Authors Jentzsch, C. ; Sommer, J.-U.
Title Polymer brushes in explicit poor solvents studied using a new variant of the bond fluctuation model
Date 13.10.2014
Number 44362
Abstract Using a variant of the Bond Fluctuation Model which improves its parallel efficiency in particular running on graphic cards we perform large scale simulations of polymer brushes in poor explicit solvent. Grafting density, solvent quality, and chain length are varied. Different morphological structures in particular octopus micelles are observed for low grafting densities. We reconsider the theoretical model for octopus micelles proposed by Williams using scaling arguments with the relevant scaling variable being s/s c , and with the characteristic grafting density given by s c ~ N -4/3. We find that octopus micelles only grow laterally, but not in height and we propose an extension of the model by assuming a cylindrical shape instead of a spherical geometry for the micelle-core. We show that the scaling variable s/s c can be applied to master plots for the averaged height of the brush, the size of the micelles, and the number of chains per micelle. The exponents in the corresponding power law relations for the grafting density and chain length are in agreement with the model for flat cylindrical micelles. We also investigate the surface roughness and find that polymer brushes in explicit poor solvent at grafting densities higher than the stretching transition are flat and surface rippling can only be observed close to the stretching transition.
Publisher Journal of Chemical Physics
Citation Journal of Chemical Physics 141 (2014) 104908 (1 of 10)

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