Authors Wießner, S.
Title Rheological behavior and rubber processing
Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials, Kobayashi, S.; Müllen, K., ed.
Date 24.06.2015
Abstract Definition: Rheology describes the behavior of matter under the action of stresses. During the processing of rubber composites, the rubber polymers are subject to a number of processing operations that lead to rubber material to flow. Depending on the rheological behavior of the rubber composites, a number of parameters relevant to quantify rubber processing, for example, the efficiency of mixing, the required drive power of processing equipment, or the pressure drop needed to form a rubber part in a cavity of a compression mold, are determined. Beside the molecular structure of the rubber polymers the presence of reinforcing fillers has a strong influence on the rheological behavior of rubber compounds.<br /><br />Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomateials<br />ISBN 978-3642296475
Journal Springer (2015) 2147-2154

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