Authors Das, A. ; Basu, D. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Rubber nanocomposites
Encyclopedia of Polymeric aterials, Kobayashi, S.; Müllen, K., ed.
Date 24.06.2015
Number 42903
Abstract Definition: A rubber nanocomposite is a cross-linked elastomeric polymer with dispersed nanoparticles inside the rubber matrix. The nanoparticles contribute reinforcement and offer some functional features to the pristine rubber.<br /><br />Reinforcement of rubber by solid filler particles is a major concern in rubber technology as the final performance of a rubber product largely depends on the ingredients used for rubber compounding. A cross-linked/vulcanized rubber without any reinforcement agent inside the matrix may not be a promising elastomer product to be used in practical application. After incorporation of some foreign solid particles, the mechanical properties and other properties of the composites are remarkably improved.<br /><br />Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials<br />ISBN 978-3642296475
Publisher Springer
Citation Springer (2015) 2181-2185

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