Authors Ivaneiko, D. ; Toshchevikov, V. ; Grenzer, M. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Magnetorheological elastomers
Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials, Kobayashi, S.; Müllen, K., ed.
Date 24.06.2015
Number 42027
Abstract Definition: Magnetorheological elastomers are two-component composite materials that consist of a nonmagnetic cross-linked polymer matrix and magnetic inclusions which are embedded within it. Magnetorheological elastomers can change its shape and mechanical moduli rapidly and reversibly under influence of the external magnetic field.<br /><br />Magnetorheological elastomers (MREs) belong to a class of smart materials whose mechanical properties can be significantly varied by an external magnetic field. In particular, MREs can change their shape (magneto-induced deformation) and mechanical moduli (magnetorheological (MR) effect) rapidly and reversibly under influence of the external magnetic fields. The main advantages of the MREs in contrast to the analogical smart materials such as magnetorheological fluids (MRFs) or electrorheological elastomers are that the MRE samples do not need containers, and the reinforced particles d ... <br /><br />Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials<br />ISBN 978-3-642-29647-5
Publisher Springer
Citation Springer (2015) 1175-1180

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