Authors Ebadi-Dehaghani, H. ; Khonakdar, H. A. ; Barikani, M. ; Jafari, S.H. ; Wagenknecht, U. ; Heinrich, G.
Title An investigation on compatibilization threshold in the interface of polypropylene/polylactic acid blends using rheological properties
Date 01.03.2016
Number 41965
Abstract This paper reports on the dynamic rheological behavior of polypropylene/(polylactic acid) (PP/PLA) uncompatibilized blends and those compatibilized with a terpolymer of ethylene, butylacrylate, and glycidylmethacrylate (PTW). The PP-rich (75/25) and PLA-rich (25/75) systems with 0, 2.5, 5, and 7.5 wt% of PTW were examined. We show how the decrease in the domain size of dispersed droplets and the homogeneity of the systems strongly depend on the composition. Morphological studies revealed 100% reduction in the size of PLA domains in the compatibilized PP-rich system containing 5 wt% of PTW. Such rigorous domain size reduction was not observed for the PLA-rich system. The complex moduli of the blends predicted by the Palierne emulsion model were compared with those obtained from the experimentally estimated complex moduli. We found two different behaviors for the 75/25 and 25/75 blend systems. Although the predictions for the 75/25 blend showed some deviations from the experimental data at low-frequency region and fitted well at high-frequency region, the 25/75 blends exhibited an opposite behavior. Furthermore, we found that the compatibilization had no significant effect on the predicted complex moduli of the both systems. J. VINYL ADDIT. TECHNOL., 2014. © 2014 Society of Plastics Engineers
Publisher Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology
Citation Journal of Vinyl and Additive Technology 22 (2016) 19-28

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