Authors Toshchevikov, V. ; Gotlib, Yu. Ya.
Title Relaxation spectrum of a polymer network with included particles: A regular cubic network model with mutual friction
Date 01.09.2013
Number 41702
Abstract A theory of the viscoelastic properties of crosslinked polymers with included particles is developed. The model of a regular cubic coarse-grain network, which suggests the viscoelastic interaction of the particles with the crosslink sites, is used. The particles are assumed to be close to isotropic, and their mobility is described via the introduction of a friction coefficient that is directly proportional to the particle radii. In the framework of this model, the spectrum of relaxation times of the network with included particles consists of two branches: One corresponds to the local displacements of the particles relative to the crosslink sites; the other describes the large-scale collective mobility of the particles along with the network fragments. At all values of the viscoelastic parameters of the model, the relative width of the relaxation-time spectrum for the network with included particles is higher than that for the initial network without included particles. This theoretical result qualitatively explains the experimental data on the mechanical and dielectric relaxations of crosslinked composites, which verify the broadening of the frequency dependences of the elasticity modulus, loss modulus, and dielectric-loss factor for the filled crosslinked polymers relative to these dependences for the initial (unfilled) polymer networks.
Publisher Polymer Science A
Citation Polymer Science A 55 (2013) 556-569

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