Authors Henneberg, O; Panzner, T; Pietsch, U; Geue, T; Saphiannikova, M. ; Rochon, P; Finkelstein, K;
Title X-ray and VIS light scattering from light-induced polymer gratings
Date 01.04.2004
Abstract Sinusoidally shaped surface relief gratings made of polymer films containing, azobenzene moieties can be created by holographic illumination with laser light of about lambda approximate to 500 nm. The remarkable material transport takes place at temperatures far (100 K) below the glass transition temperature of the material. As probed by visible light scattering the efficiency of grating formation crucially depends on the polarization state of the laser light and is maximal when circular polarization is used. In contrast to VIS light scattering X-ray diffraction is most sensitive for periodic surface undulations with amplitudes below 10 nm. Thus, combined in-situ X-ray and visible light scattering at CHESS were used to investigate the dynamics of surface relief grating formations upon laser illumination. The time development of grating peaks up to 9th order at laser power of P = 20 mW/cm(2) could be investigated, even the onset of grating formation as a function of light polarization. A linear growth of grating amplitude was observed for all polarizations. The growth velocity is maximal using circularly polarized light but very small for s-polarized light.
Journal Zeitschrift für Kristallographie 219 (2004) 218-223

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