Authors Stiller, B; Karageirgiev, P; Geue, T; Morawetz, K; Saphiannikova, M. ; Mechau, N; Neher, D;
Title Optically induced mass transport studied by scanning near-field optical- and atomic force microscopy
Date 01.09.2004
Number 409
Abstract Some functionalised thin organic films show a very unusual property, namely the light induced material transport. This effect enables to generate three-dimensional structures on surfaces of azobenzene containing films only caused by special optical excitation. The physical mechanisms underlying this phenomenon have not yet been fully understood, and in addition, the dimensions of structures created in that way are macroscopic because of the optical techniques and the wavelength of the used light. In order to gain deeper insight into the physical fundamentals of this phenomenon and to open possibilities for applications it is necessary to create and study structures not only in a macroscopic but also in nanometer range. We first report about experiments to generate optically induced nano structures even down to 100 nm size. The optical stimulation was therefore made by a Scanning Near-field Optical Microscope (SNOM). Secondly, physical conditions inside optically generated surface relief gratings were studied by measuring mechanical properties with high lateral resolution via pulse force mode and force distance curves of an AFM.
Publisher Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures
Citation Physics of Low-Dimensional Structures Part 3/4 (2004) 129-137

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