Authors Mechau, N; Saphiannikova, M. ; Neher, D;
Title Dielectric and mechanical properties of azobenzene polymer layers under visible and ultraviolet irradiation
Date 02.04.2005
Number 407
Abstract Photoinduced changes in the mechanical and dielectric properties of azobenzene polymer films were measured utilizing the method of electromechanical spectroscopy. The measurements revealed a strong correlation between the time-dependent behavior of the plate compliance and the dielectric constant under irradiation. Actinic light causes a light softening of the film that also manifests itself in the increase of the dielectric constant, whereas ultraviolet irradiation results in an initial plasticization of the film followed by its hardening. The latter is accompanied by decrease of the dielectric constant. A semiquantitative model based on the kinetics of the photoisomerization process in azobenzene polymers is proposed. We assume that both visible and ultraviolet irradiation increase the free volume in the layer due to photoisomerization. Additionally, ultraviolet light increases the modulus of the polymer matrix due to the presence of a high density of azobenzene moieties in the cis state. These assumptions allowed us to reproduce the time-dependent behavior of the bulk compliance as well as the dielectric constant at different irradiation intensities, for both visible and ultraviolet light, with only two adjustable parameters.
Publisher Macromolecules
Citation Macromolecules 38 (2005) 3894-3902

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