Authors Zimmerer, C. ; Wolff-Fabris, F. ; Koch, E. ; Steiner, G. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Chemical reactions between poly(carbonate) and poly(vinyl amine) thermally induced by a high magnetic field pulse
Date 31.12.2013
Number 40642
Abstract A high magnetic field pulse with a magnetic flux density of Bmax = 60.5 T was used to induce chemical reactions between poly(carbonate) (PC) and poly(vinyl amine) (PVAm). PC and PVAm were prepared as a thin film composite onto calcium fluoride substrate. A silver ring structure of 30 nm thickness and a mean diameter of 4.5 mm was embedded in the PC/PVAm interface. The applied magnetic pulse induced an Eddy current in the silver ring which results in a temperature of approx. 90 °C. Chemical reactions between PC and PVAm were investigated by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopic imaging and principal component data analysis. The spectroscopic results point to a formation of urethane bonds and degraded PC chains with phenolic end groups in the vicinity of the silver ring structure. The results are in accordance with differential scanning calorimetric experiments and demonstrate a thermally induced chemical reaction between PC and PVAm.
Publisher Polymer
Citation Polymer 54 (2013) 6732-6738
Tags magnetic high field pulse polymer joining ft-ir spectroscopic imaging

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