Authors Vonau, F. ; Shokri, R. ; Aubel, D. ; Bouteiller, L. ; Guskova, O. ; Sommer, J.-U. ; Reiter, G. ; Simon, L.
Title Tunneling spectroscopy measurements on hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers
Date 07.07.2014
Number 39243
Abstract We studied the formation of hydrogen-bonded supramolecular polymers of Ethyl Hexyl Urea Toluene (EHUT) on a gold (111) surface by low temperature scanning tunneling microscopy. Tunneling spectroscopy performed along an individual molecule embedded in a self-assembled layer revealed strong changes in the value of the HOMO–LUMO gap. A variation of the LUMO state is attributed to the effect of space charge accumulation resulting from anisotropic adhesion of the molecule. In addition, for specific tunneling conditions, changes induced through the formation of hydrogen bonds became visible in the differential conductance (dI/dV) maps; isolated molecules, hydrogen bonded dimers and supramolecular polymers of EHUT were distinguishable through their electronic properties.
Publisher Nanoscale
Citation Nanoscale 6 (2014) 8250-8256

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