Authors Omelchenko, O. ; Tomsik, E. ; Zhigunov, A. ; Guskova, O. ; Gribkova, O. ; Gospodinova, N.
Title J-like supramolecular assemblies of polyaniline in water
Date 09.12.2013
Number 39183
Abstract The consideration of polyaniline (PANI) as a supramolecular assembly similar to J-aggregates of dyes is proposed. Fibrils with a length of more than 100 nm and a diameter of about 4 nm are formed in water during aniline polymerization, as shown by small-angle X-ray scattering. Long-wavelength absorption of the fibrils, red-shifted with respect to highly crystalline PANI film supports the idea about the formation of J-aggregates. Their formation, similar to dyes, is promoted by the addition of a sulfonated polyelectrolyte and becomes more pronounced with an increase of the molar mass of the polyelectrolyte. Self-organization of aniline oligomers in a polar environment is confirmed by atomistic molecular dynamics simulations.
Publisher Macromolecular Rapid Communications
Citation Macromolecular Rapid Communications 214 (2013) 2739-2743
Tags conjugated polymers j-aggregates molecular dynamics polyaniline small-angle x-ray scattering

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