Authors Richter, S. ; Kreyenschulte, H. ; Grenzer, M. ; Götze, T. ; Heinrich, G.
Title Studies of the so-called jamming phenomenon in filled rubbers using dynamical-mechanical experiments
Date 05.10.2011
Number 30263
Abstract In the past, several models have been proposed to describe the so-called jamming on filled rubbers. We carefully repeated such experiments on carbon black filled EPDM systems and found that the interpretation given in the literature is not transferable to our systems. Therefore, one has to be very careful in using these universal criteria to describe such dynamic-mechanical transitions on filled polymer systems.<br />Furthermore, we present an improved multi-stage agglomeration model to describe the flocculation process in filled elastomer systems.
Publisher Macromolecular Symposia
Citation Macromolecular Symposia 306-307 (2011) 141-149

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