Authors Vyalikh, A. ; Wang, De-Yi ; Wagenknecht, U. ; Heinrich, G. ; Scheler, U.
Title Molecular dynamics in aluminum layered double hydroxides as studied by 1H T1p NMR measurements
Date 07.06.2011
Number 27163
Abstract Proton dynamics in pristine and organically-modified layered double hydroxide has been studied by 1H T1?. Inverse Laplace transform with spectral resolution results in a correlation of T1? and chemical shift.<br /><br />In LDH two contributions are resolved. They are assigned to the metal hydroxides, forming the LDH sheets (4–8 ms), and mobile interlayer water (2 ms). Apparent T1? values of OH-protons in surfactant-modified LDH are different in dodecylbenzenesulfonate- (SDBS) and sodium octasulfonate- (C8) modified LDH. This difference is explained by the presence of water in LDH–SDBS. The effects of spin diffusion have been studied by performing 2D 1H RFDR in the LDH–SDBS.<br /><br />* Combination of proton relaxation time measurements with chemical shift resolution permits assignment to structural motifs. <br />* Inverse Laplace transform is applied for data analysis. <br />* A significant difference of the mobility between water and OH groups is found. · Mobility varies with the cation distribution.
Publisher Chemical Physics Letters
Citation Chemical Physics Letters 509 (2011) 138-142

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