Authors Gaitzsch, J. ; Rogachev, V. ; Metz, P. ; Filimonov, V. ; Zahel, M. ; Kataeva, O.
Title Simple and practical one-step synthesis of new 1,3-dienic d-sultones from terminal alkynes and some synthetic applications of these compounds
Date 09.08.2011
Number 25947
Abstract 1,3-Dienic d -sultones 4,6-diaryl-[1,2]oxathiine 2,2-dioxides were synthesized via a one-step reaction of arylalkynes with dioxane sulfotrioxide. The reactivity of various alkynes in this reaction was investigated. The resulting sultones were brominated with Br2 or N-bromosuccinimide regioselectively a to sulfur and subsequently coupled with phenylacetylene using Sonogashira conditions.
Publisher Journal of Sulfur Chemistry
Citation Journal of Sulfur Chemistry 32 (2011) 3-11

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